A platform that publishes multilingual translations of new concepts, definitions, and expressions put forward by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and in official documents issued by the Central Leadership. It also publishes translations of new, popular, and trending terms of contemporary China in multiple languages. With authoritative, professional, timely, and effective content, the portal is built to help make translation from Chinese into foreign languages easy, and to standardize the translation of typical Chinese terms and expressions for better understanding by the international audience.
              英文介紹 Chinese


              NEW WORDS



              to foster a new double development dynamic, with the domestic economy and international engagement providing mutual reinforcement, and the former as the mainstay


              to give greater priority to cultural development



              to comprehensively build a healthy China


              to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060




              the long-range prospect of basically realizing socialist modernization by 2035
              • “不忘初心、牢記使命”主題教育

                the campaign to raise the awareness of staying true to the original aspiration and upholding the founding mission of the Party
              • ?“兩個一百年”歷史交匯點

                a new period in which the timeframes of the Two Centenary Goals converge
              • ?“一國兩制”完全行得通、辦得到、得人心。

                The principle of "one country, two systems" is fully applicable, achievable, and popular.
              • ?2035年遠景目標

                long-range goals for 2035


              the "golden key" of peace, development, and win-win cooperation
              • ?“十三五”規劃收官之年

                the final year for the 13th Five-Year Plan
              • ?把安全發展貫徹到發展各領域和全過程

              • ?把擴大內需作為戰略基點

                to emphasize the strategic importance of expanding domestic demand
              • 把全體人民共同富裕取得更為明顯的實質性進展作為遠景目標提出來

                to set a long-range goal of achieving more visible and substantial progress toward common prosperity for all


              Upholding and improving the rule of law under socialism with Chinese characteristics, and enhancing the CPC’s capacity as the ruling party to pursue law-based governance
              • ?要堅持黨對全面依法治國的領導

                to uphold overall CPC leadership in law-based governance
              • ?要堅持建設德才兼備的高素質法治工作隊伍

                to develop a high-caliber body of skilled and upright legal professionals
              • ?要堅持建設中國特色社會主義法治體系

                to develop a system of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics
              • ?要堅持全面推進科學立法、嚴格執法、公正司法、全民守法

                to ensure sound lawmaking, strict law enforcement, impartial administration of justice, and the observance of law by all


              Upholding and improving the systems that promote the best of socialist culture so that the whole nation is united under shared beliefs and goals
              • ?把文化建設放在全局工作的突出位置

                to give greater priority to cultural development
              • ?產學研一體化

                the integration of manufacturing, education and research
              • ?城鄉公共文化服務體系一體建設

                the integrated development of urban and rural public cultural services
              • ?城鄉文化資源配置

                the allocation of urban and rural cultural resources


              Major scientific and technological achievements in the fields of life safety and biosecurity are of vital importance to our country.
              • ?愛國衛生運動

                patriotic health campaigns
              • ?安全、有效、方便、價廉的公共衛生和基本醫療服務

                safe, effective, convenient and affordable public health and basic medical services
              • ?把生物安全作為國家總體安全的重要組成部分

                Biosafety should be regarded as an important part of overall national security.
              • 城鄉三級醫療服務網絡

                the three-tiered medical service network in urban and rural areas


              to oppose attempts to politicize the pandemic or mislabel the coronavirus, and jointly resist the creation of any "political virus"
              • ?摒棄意識形態爭論

                to rise above ideological disputes
              • ?不搞例外主義,不搞雙重標準。

                There must be no practice of exceptionalism or double standards.
              • ?不能歪曲國際法,以法治之名侵害他國正當權益、破壞國際和平穩定。

                Nor should international law be distorted and used as a pretext to undermine other countries' legitimate rights and interests, or world peace and stability.
              • ?不追求一枝獨秀,不搞你輸我贏。

                Do not seek development only for ourselves, or engage in a zero-sum game.


              public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC)
              • ?民生穩,人心就穩,社會就穩。

                If people's lives are stable, they will feel at ease and society will be stable.
              • ?民生優先

                to prioritize people's wellbeing
              • ?鄉村全面振興

                comprehensive revitalization of rural areas
              • ?《中共中央、國務院關于抓好“三農”領域重點工作確保如期實現全面小康的意見》

                the Decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Increasing Efforts on Major Initiatives Concerning Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural People to Ensure Achieving the Goal of Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects on Time


              Upholding and improving the systems to promote eco-civilization so that humanity can live in harmony with nature
              • ?創新、協調、綠色、開放、共享的新發展理念

                new concept of pursuing innovative, coordinated, green and open development, with the fruits shared by all
              • 促進經濟社會發展全面綠色轉型

                to promote greener economic and social development in all respects
              • ?二氧化碳排放力爭于2030年前達到峰值,努力爭取2060年前實現碳中和

                to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060
              • ?各盡所能的氣候治理新體系

                a new architecture of climate governance where every party does its part




              Chinese Civilization and Path


              Dialogue among Civilizations and Community with Shared Future for Mankind


              A Community of the Chinese Civilization and A Community with Shared Future for Mankind


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              COVID-19:Ein Chinesisch-deutsches W?rterverzeichnis


              COVID-19:китайско-русский глоссарий


              Glosario chino-espa?ol en los asuntos actuales de China (2019)


              中國の重要な時事?政治用語日本語篇 (2019)


              Glossário Chinês-Português dos Termos-chave sobre Assuntos Atuais da China (2019)


              Glossaire chinois-fran?ais des mots clés de l’actualité chinoise


              Glosario chino-espa?ol de términos y conceptos políticos importantes de uso actual en China


              Сборник важных политических терминов Китая, переведенных на русский язык
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